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Introduction to Microsoft Office 2016

16/03/2017 4:00 pm
16/03/2017 5:30 pm
78 Railside Ave, Bargo NSW 2574   View map
02 4602 6000

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With most office workers learning to use MS Office ‘on the job,’ it’s no wonder most workplaces report some knowledge gaps and inefficiencies within their workforce. Our new course, Introduction to Microsoft Office 2016 assists workers to use the software more efficiently and in more depth to boost your office productivity and close these knowledge gaps for your staff.

By breaking the teaching down into specific segments, the combination of In-Class learning and continue on your own  learning supports the learner as they use the Microsoft Office program to work through the task at hand, and choose their next learning segment as required. As a resource that can be called on time and again, the suite becomes a support tool that allows the user to gain confidence and competence as they work through the modules to suit their needs.

Light brain-food and refreshments are included and available at your workstation.